Professional Invoicing

Presenting a professional image can be a challenge for start-up enterprises that are short on funds. CurdBee has become popular among freelancers by helping them polish one crucial part of their presentation: invoicing.

Billing is a snap with CurdBee

I'll be the first to admit that I dread the financial aspect of running my own business and I wasn’t very good at it. Then I found CurdBee online billing app and it’s been a lifesaver! It is so intuitive and easy to learn. Now billing is a snap and I can get back to designing.

Adelle Charles Creative Director
FuelBrand Group, NY USA

Simple but complete

I have been using CurdBee for a good few months now and I think its about time I gave them some love. There are many invoice managing programmes – online and offline that are around, but I have not found one that offers a simple but complete invoicing management service for free.

Rob MacKay Writer, Web Designer & Developer

Excellent Service

I was a Freshbooks user for several years but recently switched to CurdBee as I needed a simpler, more cost effective solution. CurdBee is an excellent service, offering the necessary functionality and features which suit my needs perfectly.

Grace Smith Designer and the owner

An essential tool for my business

CurdBee has become an essential tool for my business. its simplicity is second to none. In under a minute I can create an invoice and send it. Their customer service is extremely helpful and open to suggestions and ideas. I recommend CurdBee to all.

Laibel Berkowitz Designer

Get more, pay less

CurdBee has a simple, attractive user interface and creating invoices is a piece of cake. Why pay more for functionality you dont need? CurdBee offers an extremely useful service for an awesome price-you really cant beat a fully functioning invoicing program for free.

A Must-have for freelancers

CurdBee is a free online invoicing and payment system to bill your Clients. If you dont have the budget for Freshbooks, chances are CurdBee might suit you just swell (Seeing as how its free and all). CurdBee is a must have for any frugal, busy-bee freelancer to manage and send invoices to clients.

Just the right fit

CurdBee had everything I needed, without it being clogged down with functionality that I didnt need.

Martin Lucas Freelancer
Essex, UK

Unlimited freedom

I was drawn to mainly because of their generosity. While others limit you by how much you can earn with their software, CurdBee does not.

Iszuddin Ismail Freelancer
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Quality Invoicing, Faster Payments

Being a freelancer can limit the amount of time you have for “overhead” activities. CurdBee has greatly simplified and shortened the time I spent on my monthly invoicing, not only saving me time, but impressing my customers as well. Better quality invoicing has also led to faster payments from my clients.

Dennis Clayton Freelance Designer

Very impressed with CurdBee

I must say I am continually impressed with the promptness and efficiency of your customer service. After a bad experience with FreshBooks, I am very impressed with CurdBee and you guys are definitely doing MANY things right. Well done and please… keep it up!

Eric Zentner ezduzit Graphic Design

Everything we hoped for

Weve only been using it a few months, but its been everything we hoped for. Without sounding too much like you paid me for this, I actually kind of look forward to invoicing now. And our accounts receivable are way down.

Carson Pierce Benevolent Dictator

Fits my needs perfectly

After unsuccessfully getting to grips with other hosted billing services (Freshbooks, Simply Invoices Billing Boss) I finally found CurdBee and I have to say it fits my business needs perfectly. Its made managing invoices and clients a whole lot quicker, and my clients prefer it too. Also, the invoice viewed notifications are reassuring. Well done.

Lee Storey Refresh IT Ltd.

Quickly Increased my business potential

I'm really enjoying the simple power of your app. I’ve been self employed for 15 years but have always done everything manually. CurdBee has very quickly increased my ability to take on new business without reaching that old threshold that used to hold me back… the paperwork of estimates & invoices.

Chad Cox Owner
Buzz Rocket Media

Elegant and more finesse

I am a freelance Apple IT ninja and DJ. I looked at every front end billing system around and whilst CurdBee isn't the most feature laden of them, what it does, it does more elegantly and with more finesse than any of the competitors. The `search-as-you-type` entry for clients and items greatly reduces input time and is much nicer than the more traditional drop down menus used by Freshbooks and others. It's attention to detail in the interface like this that really sets it apart. I can't wait to see how the product evolves!

Lachlan Stewart Freelancer
Brisbane Area, Australia

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